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Series 20

Recappers for this series: James Robinson.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 2-Jul-90Allan Saldanha94 - 93Tim Morrissey121
Tue 3-Jul-90Liz Barber58 - 33David Morris73
Wed 4-Jul-90Liz Barber54 - 29Bill Giles74
Thu 5-Jul-90Liz Barber46 - 32Sue Goodworth70
Fri 6-Jul-90Liz Barber33 - 23Anne Duncan73
Mon 9-Jul-90Liz Barber30 - 43Andrea Parker73
Tue 10-Jul-90Malti Vasudevan28 - 38Andrea Parker71
Wed 11-Jul-90George Head55 - 14Andrea Parker84
Thu 12-Jul-90George Head31 - 43Richard Hooke72
Fri 13-Jul-90Graham Pearson40 - 51Richard Hooke70
Mon 16-Jul-90Derek Coombs42 - 37Richard Hooke84
Tue 17-Jul-90Derek Coombs56 - 15Pat Daines69
Wed 18-Jul-90Derek Coombs57 - 30Neil Kendall68
Thu 19-Jul-90Neil Rich49 - 58Derek Coombs71
Fri 20-Jul-90Duncan Dale-Emberton33 - 63Derek Coombs74
Mon 23-Jul-90Mollie Haigh18 - 68Derek Coombs76
Tue 24-Jul-90Colin Blumen44 - 72Derek Coombs73
Wed 25-Jul-90Kevin Roberts44 - 46Derek Coombs82
Thu 26-Jul-90Hadrian Geoffes51 - 60Gordon Foy72
Fri 27-Jul-90David Uri27 - 57Gordon Foy70
Mon 30-Jul-90Marguerite Moulding39 - 66Gordon Foy76
Tue 31-Jul-90John Mann40 - 43Gordon Foy82
Wed 1-Aug-90Alan Harris39 - 36Gordon Foy73
Thu 2-Aug-90Alan Harris30 - 35Maurice Binks68
Fri 3-Aug-90John Rowan49 - 66Maurice Binks74
Mon 6-Aug-90Philip Calvert6 - 42Maurice Binks69
Tue 7-Aug-90Dave Berry44 - 49Maurice Binks71
Wed 8-Aug-90Peggy Wilkinson33 - 39Maurice Binks68
Thu 9-Aug-90Peter North38 - 32Maurice Binks69
Fri 10-Aug-90Peter North46 - 37Aileen Willett73
Mon 13-Aug-90Peter North28 - 46Denys Hollis92
Tue 14-Aug-90Chris Bergman27 - 31Denys Hollis70
Wed 15-Aug-90Mike Lott33 - 50Denys Hollis73
Thu 16-Aug-90Tony Hallam45 - 26Denys Hollis70
Fri 17-Aug-90Tony Hallam32 - 50Iris Denon72
Mon 20-Aug-90Stephen Mack53 - 42Iris Denon72
Tue 21-Aug-90Stephen Mack57 - 35Mervyn Taylor83
Wed 22-Aug-90Stephen Mack52 - 53Roy Bendall84
Thu 23-Aug-90Susan Godfrey35 - 52Roy Bendall77
Fri 24-Aug-90Jim Harvey40 - 50Roy Bendall72
Mon 27-Aug-90Dennis Edgson36 - 42Roy Bendall72
Tue 28-Aug-90Vera Selby33 - 40Roy Bendall71
Wed 29-Aug-90Fiona Willis46 - 40Roy Bendall75
Thu 30-Aug-90Fiona Willis48 - 46Mary Andrews73
Fri 31-Aug-90Fiona Willis61 - 45Michael Kerr75
Mon 3-Sep-90Fiona Willis61 - 30Pete Johnson73
Tue 4-Sep-90Fiona Willis50 - 50Ian McLoughlin73
Wed 5-Sep-90Fiona Willis60 - 53Ian McLoughlin73
Thu 6-Sep-90Fiona Willis45 - 52Richard Stevens73
Fri 7-Sep-90Billy Ward48 - 44Richard Stevens74
Mon 10-Sep-90Billy Ward43 - 35Martin Jacques72
Tue 11-Sep-90Billy Ward34 - 31Maureen Pollard82
Wed 12-Sep-90Billy Ward53 - 43Malcolm Stern71
Thu 13-Sep-90Billy Ward39 - 15Beryl Sutherland71
Fri 14-Sep-90Billy Ward54 - 39Martin Parker72
Mon 17-Sep-90Billy Ward62 - 35Diane Hartrey73
Tue 18-Sep-90Billy Ward39 - 42Robert Houston75
Wed 19-Sep-90Ray Norris27 - 50Robert Houston70
Thu 20-Sep-90Derek Coombs69 - 10Denys Hollis73
Fri 21-Sep-90Billy Ward28 - 61Liz Barber83
Mon 24-Sep-90Roy Bendall32 - 46Maurice Binks69
Tue 25-Sep-90Fiona Willis44 - 37Gordon Foy74
Wed 26-Sep-90Derek Coombs51 - 34Maurice Binks67
Thu 27-Sep-90Fiona Willis37 - 50Liz Barber70
Fri 28-Sep-90Derek Coombs66 - 67Liz Barber124

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