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Series 2

Recappers for this series: Mike Brown.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Tue 5-Apr-83Jane McLeman40 - 42Hugh Fraser72
Wed 6-Apr-83Sheila Mann39 - 36Hugh Fraser69
Thu 7-Apr-83Sheila Mann48 - 47Lance Smith72
Tue 12-Apr-83Sheila Mann52 - 50David Myerscough71
Wed 13-Apr-83Sheila Mann44 - 30Vic Cooper69
Thu 14-Apr-83Sheila Mann53 - 38James Lawless71
Fri 15-Apr-83Sheila MannAnn Dennis
Tue 19-Apr-83Sheila Mann26 - 62Peter Finley71
Wed 20-Apr-83Ruth Erskine41 - 45Peter Finley72
Thu 21-Apr-83Geoffrey Weeks66 - -1Peter Finley71
Fri 22-Apr-83Geoffrey Weeks42 - 61Maurice Packman70
Tue 26-Apr-83Catherine Byfield14 - 47Maurice Packman74
Wed 27-Apr-83Philip Appleby43 - 28Maurice Packman73
Thu 28-Apr-83Philip Appleby37 - 69Norma Nicholson70
Fri 29-Apr-83Ash Haji45 - 37Norma Nicholson68
Tue 3-May-83Ash Haji58 - 18Gray Robertson71
Wed 4-May-83Ash Haji30 - 59Russell Byers69
Thu 5-May-83Philip Goddard40 - 44Russell Byers70
Fri 6-May-83Margaret Reid32 - 50Russell Byers75
Tue 10-May-83Sue White30 - 54Russell Byers68
Wed 11-May-83Michael Firth52 - 37Russell Byers71
Thu 12-May-83Michael Firth40 - 45Gary Roussak73
Fri 13-May-83Ruth Lowy28 - 48Gary Roussak77
Tue 17-May-83Bobbie Bennett49 - 39Gary Roussak71
Wed 18-May-83Bobbie Bennett32 - 26Eric Lamprell71
Thu 19-May-83Bobbie Bennett23 - 42Maureen Kelly73
Fri 20-May-83Andrew Dyson38 - 44Maureen Kelly70
Tue 24-May-83Ivy Baird62 - 35Maureen Kelly74
Wed 25-May-83Ivy Baird40 - 39Paul Rose71
Thu 26-May-83Ivy Baird45 - 31David Dougan69
Fri 27-May-83Ivy Baird51 - 32Isabelle Higgie75
Tue 31-May-83Ivy Baird39 - 40Ingram Wilcox74
Wed 1-Jun-83Beryl Blacheter31 - 34Ingram Wilcox66
Thu 2-Jun-83Joan Ross41 - 28Ingram Wilcox70
Fri 3-Jun-83Joan Ross42 - 41Brian Sugar73
Tue 7-Jun-83Joan Ross17 - 53Philip Nelkon67
Wed 8-Jun-83David Wright40 - 40Philip Nelkon68
Thu 9-Jun-83David Wright18 - 57Philip Nelkon72
Fri 10-Jun-83Russell Byers54 - 39David Myerscough67
Tue 14-Jun-83Gary Roussak48 - 38Maureen Kelly69
Wed 15-Jun-83Peter Finley60 - 24Joan Ross72
Thu 16-Jun-83Sheila Mann39 - 52Norma Nicholson68
Fri 17-Jun-83Dixie Baird40 - 39Michael Firth69
Tue 21-Jun-83Maurice Packman57 - 32Ingram Wilcox72
Wed 22-Jun-83Ash Haji49 - 26Bobbie Bennett68
Thu 23-Jun-83Philip Nelkon57 - 45Philip Appleby69
Fri 24-Jun-83Gary Roussak39 - 47Russell Byers72
Mon 27-Jun-83Peter Finley37 - 49Norma Nicholson69
Tue 28-Jun-83Dixie Baird30 - 57Maurice Packman68
Wed 29-Jun-83Ash Haji68 - 39Philip Nelkon83
Thu 30-Jun-83Russell Byers67 - 43Norma Nicholson72
Fri 1-Jul-83Ash Haji41 - 35Maurice Packman72
Sat 2-Jul-83Ash Haji71 - 70Russell Byers114

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