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Series 10

Recappers for this series: James Robinson, Joseph Krol.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 13-Oct-86Clive Freedman67 - 76Mark Nyman114
Tue 14-Oct-86Mark Kingston41 - 62Liz Wilcox73
Wed 15-Oct-86Liz Wilcox41 - 40Colin Bevan74
Thu 16-Oct-86Liz Wilcox62 - 43Louise Stevenson74
Fri 17-Oct-86Liz Wilcox38 - 47Steven Leven81
Mon 20-Oct-86Stephen Leven29 - 59Paul Robson70
Tue 21-Oct-86Paul Robson49 - 53Steve Wood71
Wed 22-Oct-86Steve Wood25 - 63Maggie Barker71
Thu 23-Oct-86Maggie Barker48 - 32Frank Stokes74
Fri 24-Oct-86Maggie Barker35 - 49David Whiting70
Mon 27-Oct-86David Whiting50 - 16Doreen Midgley85
Tue 28-Oct-86David Whiting59 - 45Patrick Redmond84
Wed 29-Oct-86David Whiting50 - 22Alan Seabrook73
Thu 30-Oct-86David Whiting59 - 51Brenda Widger72
Fri 31-Oct-86Harvey Freeman65 - 45David Whiting86
Mon 3-Nov-86Harvey Freeman82 - 30Rita Meston83
Tue 4-Nov-86Harvey Freeman60 - 29Anilkumar Shah72
Wed 5-Nov-86Harvey Freeman57 - 33Michael Sim71
Thu 6-Nov-86Harvey Freeman64 - 28John Wesley73
Fri 7-Nov-86Harvey Freeman49 - 21Frances Kitsall73
Mon 10-Nov-86Harvey Freeman71 - 17Martin Reed83
Tue 11-Nov-86Harvey Freeman75 - 10Roy James76
Wed 12-Nov-86Elizabeth Jardine62 - 23Ashley Connor72
Thu 13-Nov-86Elisabeth Jardine44 - 35Carol Paulton75
Fri 14-Nov-86Elisabeth Jardine32 - 50Ian Robinson83
Mon 17-Nov-86Ian Robinson50 - 34Judy Moss73
Tue 18-Nov-86Ian Robinson41 - 44Louis Schwartz75
Wed 19-Nov-86Louis Schwartz44 - 60Stella Haffenden-Smith88
Thu 20-Nov-86Stella Haffenden-Smith16 - 29Ken Fry81
Fri 21-Nov-86Ken Fry42 - 53Mike Percik70
Mon 24-Nov-86Mike Percik60 - 49Tony Durrant72
Tue 25-Nov-86Hugh Westbrook36 - 48Mike Percik84
Wed 26-Nov-86Mike Percik40 - 42Doreen Whyte75
Thu 27-Nov-86Doreen Whyte23 - 54Grahame Williams75
Fri 28-Nov-86Grahame Williams38 - 44Les Martin76
Mon 1-Dec-86Les Martin51 - 47Glenys Batchelor74
Tue 2-Dec-86Les Martin68 - 44Keith Burgess-Clements96
Wed 3-Dec-86Les Martin20 - 56Michael Stephenson-1
Thu 4-Dec-86Michael Stephenson59 - 18Alec Cooke72
Fri 5-Dec-86Michael Stephenson55 - 23Jem Stephenson83
Mon 8-Dec-86Michael Stephenson53 - 33Jamie Howe85
Tue 9-Dec-86Michael Stephenson43 - 35Carolyn Best70
Wed 10-Dec-86Michael Stephenson58 - 25Paul Vates-1
Thu 11-Dec-86Harvey Freeman65 - 29Elisabeth Jardine73
Fri 12-Dec-86Maggie Barker32 - 67Michael Stephenson72
Mon 15-Dec-86David Whiting31 - 45Mike Percik86
Tue 16-Dec-86Liz Wilcox27 - 66Les Martin72
Wed 17-Dec-86Harvey Freeman76 - 36Les Martin-1
Thu 18-Dec-86Michael Stephenson45 - 52Mike Percik83
Fri 19-Dec-86Harvey Freeman96 - 52Mike Percik117

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