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Series 1

Recappers for this series: Charlie Reams, Mauro Pratesi, Mike Brown, Robert Baxter.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Tue 2-Nov-82Jeff Andrews27 - 50Michael Goldman67
Wed 3-Nov-82Michael GoldmanMaureen Barr
Thu 4-Nov-82Michael GoldmanBill Benson
Sun 7-Nov-82Michael Wylie54 - 39Arnold Weinberg72
Mon 8-Nov-82Michael GoldmanBill Benson
Tue 9-Nov-82Michael GoldmanSheila Arnold
Wed 10-Nov-82Michael GoldmanJohn Simpson
Thu 11-Nov-82John SimpsonJoyce Cansfield
Mon 15-Nov-82Joyce CansfieldHelen Grayson
Tue 16-Nov-82Joyce CansfieldHelen Grayson
Wed 17-Nov-82Helen GraysonJack Baker
Thu 18-Nov-82Helen GraysonGail Cooper
Mon 22-Nov-82Darryl FrancisJoe Guy
Tue 23-Nov-82Joe GuyPaul O'Neill
Wed 24-Nov-82Joe GuyMartin Pettit
Thu 25-Nov-82Joe Guy22 - 40Andrew Bruno72
Mon 29-Nov-82Josef Kollar22 - 57Andrew Bruno73
Tue 30-Nov-82Andrew Bruno37 - 49Christine Jones72
Wed 1-Dec-82Christine JonesMichael Wylie
Thu 2-Dec-82Michael WylieIan Gucklhorn
Mon 6-Dec-82Michael WylieDon Wright
Tue 7-Dec-82Michael Wylie54 - 39Arnold Weinberg
Wed 8-Dec-82Michael WylieSaladin Khoshnaw
Thu 9-Dec-82Saladin KhoshnawHeather Frankland
Mon 13-Dec-82Heather FranklandMaurice Daniels
Tue 14-Dec-82Maurice DanielsJane McLeman
Wed 15-Dec-82Maurice DanielsJane McLeman
Thu 16-Dec-82Michael Wylie41 - 59Joyce Cansfield

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