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Champion of Champions XII

Recappers for this series: Adam Porter, Conor Travers, Dave Coulthurst, Jim Bentley, Jon O'Neill, Paul Howe, Ross Allatt, Stuart Earl, Veronica Purdey.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 29-May-06Mark Tournoff119 - 83Steve Graston131
Tue 30-May-06John Davies106 - 73Gary Male131
Wed 31-May-06Conor Travers124 - 91John Hunt138
Thu 1-Jun-06Jack Welsby99 - 94Jon O'Neill134
Fri 2-Jun-06John Mayhew87 - 117Paul Howe132
Mon 5-Jun-06John Brackstone86 - 48David Wilson120
Tue 6-Jun-06Paul Gallen125 - 80Eamonn Timmins141
Wed 7-Jun-06Matthew Shore109 - 101Chris Cummins131
Thu 8-Jun-06Matthew Shore117 - 124Mark Tournoff139
Fri 9-Jun-06Paul Gallen118 - 96John Davies127
Mon 12-Jun-06Conor Travers101 - 80John Brackstone130
Tue 13-Jun-06Jack Welsby72 - 83Paul Howe119
Wed 14-Jun-06Paul Howe88 - 99Mark Tournoff126
Thu 15-Jun-06Paul Gallen118 - 102Conor Travers120
Fri 16-Jun-06Paul Gallen111 - 93Mark Tournoff118

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