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Champion of Champions XV

Recappers for this series: James Robinson.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Wed 2-Jan-19Jonathan Wynn103 - 68Phil Davies116
Thu 3-Jan-19Ann Dibben94 - 97John Cowen129
Fri 4-Jan-19Matthew Tassier96 - 78Dougie Mackay135
Mon 7-Jan-19Tom Carey106 - 87Stephen Read131
Tue 8-Jan-19Paul Erdunast105 - 113Zarte Siempre131
Wed 9-Jan-19Tom Chafer-Cook129 - 89Martin Hurst142
Thu 10-Jan-19Bradley Horrocks128 - 104Andrew Macleod133
Fri 11-Jan-19Philip Aston103 - 89Noel McIlvenny122
Mon 14-Jan-19Jonathan Wynn92 - 110Philip Aston132
Tue 15-Jan-19John Cowen96 - 99Bradley Horrocks136
Wed 16-Jan-19Matthew Tassier62 - 111Tom Chafer-Cook128
Thu 17-Jan-19Tom Carey122 - 150Zarte Siempre168
Fri 18-Jan-19Philip Aston73 - 106Zarte Siempre129
Mon 21-Jan-19Bradley Horrocks111 - 110Tom Chafer-Cook128
Tue 22-Jan-19Zarte Siempre116 - 83Bradley Horrocks123

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