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Champion of Champions XIII

Recappers for this series: Adam Porter, Allan Harmer, Dinos Sfyris, Howard Somerset, Jon Corby, Joseph Bolas, Kai Laddiman, Mike Brown.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 12-Jan-09David O'Donnell101 - 82James Hurrell119
Tue 13-Jan-09Junaid Mubeen80 - 55Tony Warren116
Wed 14-Jan-09Jon Corby92 - 52Richard Brittain112
Thu 15-Jan-09Kai Laddiman93 - 85Richard Priest117
Fri 16-Jan-09Nick Wainwright105 - 85Steve Baines118
Mon 19-Jan-09Jonathan Coles95 - 88Anita Freeland118
Tue 20-Jan-09Peter Davies66 - 85Charlie Reams117
Wed 21-Jan-09Steve Briers121 - 74Debbi Flack126
Thu 22-Jan-09Steven Briers118 - 110David O'Donnell130
Fri 23-Jan-09Junaid Mubeen79 - 88Charlie Reams128
Mon 26-Jan-09Jon Corby96 - 62Jonathan Coles117
Tue 27-Jan-09Kai Laddiman91 - 94Nick Wainwright128
Wed 28-Jan-09Steven Briers87 - 82Nick Wainwright119
Thu 29-Jan-09Charlie Reams110 - 76Jon Corby132
Fri 30-Jan-09Charlie Reams67 - 88Steven Briers114

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