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Recap Writer - The Manual

The recap writer is a tool to help writers of the daily summaries of Countdown episodes that appear on C4Countdown. It saves time and prevents errors by adding up all the running scores automatically, and detects a number of common errors (like words and selections that don't match up.) It's easy to get started with, but has a few quirks, so this manual is designed to help new users get going, and to highlight some subtler bits that experienced users may have missed.


The overview allows you to enter basic details about the show. There's nothing too surprising in here. If the "wins" and "points" fields are left blank, they are omitted from the recap.

Letters rounds

Numbers rounds

Tea-time teaser

I think this is self-explanatory - I've never had any questions about it!


Again this is fairly self-explanatory if you follow the structure through.

Making the recap

When you are finished, you will probably want to click the "Make text recap" button, which generates the final recap in plain text form. The text should coincide with the Preview panels on the right which you have probably noticed already. You can then copy this text and paste it into an email, making any manual adjustments that you feel necessary (for example, providing definitions for the more obscure words.) Send it off to the group ( and congratulations! The hard bit is done.

Submitting your recap

Once the email arrives at the group, you'll probably want to add your recap to our index of all recaps ever. If you're recapping for the first time, someone else might do this for you, but the procedure is fairly simple so I'll lay it out here:

Adding your recap to the wiki

This is more technical and not usually necessary. This part of the manual will follow at some point in the future.

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