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Highest Losing Score

SeriesDateContestant 1ScoreContestant 2Maximum
CoC12Thu 8-Jun-06Matthew Shore117 - 124Mark Tournoff139
30BCFri 15-Feb-13Chris Davies117 - 127David O'Donnell140
CoC11Tue 7-Jan-03Chris Wills113 - 111David Williams129
30BCFri 1-Mar-13Jack Hurst111 - 146Conor Travers149
CoC13Thu 22-Jan-09Steven Briers118 - 110David O'Donnell130
CoC11Tue 21-Jan-03Graham Nash120 - 109Julian Fell137
47Mon 21-Jan-02Chris Wills120 - 107Terry Rattle152
51Thu 17-Jun-04Stewart Holden110 - 105Nicole Hutchens124
30BCWed 27-Feb-13Jonathan Rawlinson105 - 116Jack Hurst126
61Tue 10-Nov-09Ryan Taylor106 - 104Lesley Hines148
30BCFri 22-Feb-13Jon O'Neill122 - 104Jack Worsley122
30BCWed 9-Jan-13Mark Deeks103 - 108Jack Hurst120
CoC12Thu 15-Jun-06Paul Gallen118 - 102Conor Travers120
30BCMon 18-Feb-13Innis Carson102 - 112Kirk Bevins120
30BCThu 28-Feb-13Jon O'Neill102 - 120Conor Travers120
CoC12Wed 7-Jun-06Matthew Shore109 - 101Chris Cummins131
61Thu 9-Jul-09Michael Harris101 - 133Andrew Hulme155
SpecTue 9-Sep-03Scott Mearns100 - 109Natascha Kearsey135
54Wed 24-May-06Conor Travers124 - 100Paul Howe130
30BCFri 11-Jan-13Mark Tournoff101 - 100Nick Deller119
30BCWed 23-Jan-13Martin Bishop99 - 102Chris Wills124
CoC11Mon 20-Jan-03Tom Hargreaves131 - 98Ben Wilson144
30BCThu 31-Jan-13Graeme Cole98 - 104Jack Worsley118
CoC11Thu 9-Jan-03John Rawnsley99 - 97Kevin McMahon141
61Thu 17-Dec-09Chris Davies102 - 97Innis Carson118

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