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Series 83

Recappers for this series: James Robinson.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 4-Jan-21Daniel Jonathan58 - 80Paul Gaskell125
Tue 5-Jan-21Paul Gaskell70 - 84James Burley132
Wed 6-Jan-21James Burley127 - 55Edward Carter156
Thu 7-Jan-21James Burley91 - 60Peter Franklin Routh132
Fri 8-Jan-21James Burley112 - 49Seb James145
Mon 11-Jan-21James Burley106 - 72Mark Pettitt133
Tue 12-Jan-21James Burley100 - 36Andrew Brookes156
Wed 13-Jan-21James Burley106 - 66Roger Clarke135
Thu 14-Jan-21James Burley93 - 48Russ Evans154
Fri 15-Jan-21Darren Phipps-Walker86 - 77Gillian King153
Mon 18-Jan-21Darren Phipps-Walker66 - 70Martin Chivers142
Tue 19-Jan-21Martin Chivers71 - 79Will Blackman134
Wed 20-Jan-21Will Blackman110 - 59Gary Willerton135
Thu 21-Jan-21Will Blackman63 - 79James Cope133
Fri 22-Jan-21James Cope48 - 39Hayley Scarrow123
Mon 25-Jan-21James Cope81 - 52Jodi Morgan143
Tue 26-Jan-21James Cope89 - 66Martyn Pegram156
Wed 27-Jan-21James Cope102 - 60Aaron Rattan135
Thu 28-Jan-21James Cope64 - 95Conor Morgan132
Fri 29-Jan-21Conor Morgan103 - 51Kristian Turner137
Mon 1-Feb-21Conor Morgan72 - 82Adam Latchford137
Tue 2-Feb-21Adam Latchford87 - 49Aneesh Aggarwal121
Wed 3-Feb-21Adam Latchford115 - 51Jacky Tracey148
Thu 4-Feb-21Adam Latchford95 - 56Chiedza Mutongwizo126
Fri 5-Feb-21Adam Latchford96 - 40Charles Biggs122
Mon 8-Feb-21Adam Latchford100 - 62Louis Moen123
Tue 9-Feb-21Adam Latchford82 - 75Arran Smith155
Wed 10-Feb-21Adam Latchford85 - 70Jeremy Bradley145
Thu 11-Feb-21Judith Marshall67 - 79Declan McGurk125
Fri 12-Feb-21Declan McGurk91 - 51Jason Menzies141
Mon 15-Feb-21Declan McGurk88 - 83Phil Lloyd-Bushell134
Tue 16-Feb-21Declan McGurk117 - 37Danny Lofthouse142
Wed 17-Feb-21Declan McGurk73 - 53Martin K Lewis142
Thu 18-Feb-21Declan McGurk102 - 27Jack Coyle166
Fri 19-Feb-21Declan McGurk66 - 100Coral Heath125
Mon 22-Feb-21Coral Heath79 - 74Claire Spinks124
Tue 23-Feb-21Coral Heath74 - 63George Thomson134
Wed 24-Feb-21Coral Heath97 - 28Yvonne Parkes131
Thu 25-Feb-21Coral Heath90 - 35Matthew Marko146
Fri 26-Feb-21Coral Heath88 - 86Dave Bowley122
Mon 1-Mar-21Coral Heath83 - 54Danny Webster133
Tue 2-Mar-21Coral Heath106 - 73Neil McFarlane126
Wed 3-Mar-21Joey Burton95 - 31Steve Caron136
Thu 4-Mar-21Joey Burton93 - 48Jake Perry135
Fri 5-Mar-21Joey Burton57 - 83Ruth Cappleman137
Mon 8-Mar-21Ruth Cappleman90 - 64Chloe Lavan128
Tue 9-Mar-21Ruth Cappleman108 - 61Andrei Karlsson125
Wed 10-Mar-21Ruth Cappleman104 - 58Michael Hastings146
Thu 11-Mar-21Ruth Cappleman60 - 84Tom Vincent140
Fri 12-Mar-21Tom Vincent88 - 78Ian Simpson135

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