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Series 81

Recappers for this series: James Robinson.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 1-Jul-19Imogen Gordon75 - 82Colin Beattie137
Tue 2-Jul-19Colin Beattie86 - 79Jamie Frier138
Wed 3-Jul-19Colin Beattie71 - 83Tom Silverlock132
Thu 4-Jul-19Tom Silverlock75 - 63Sam Digby125
Fri 5-Jul-19Tom Silverlock78 - 77Libby Fawcett124
Mon 8-Jul-19Tom Silverlock84 - 64Marwan Riach126
Tue 9-Jul-19Tom Silverlock80 - 73Trevor Coates127
Wed 10-Jul-19Tom Silverlock96 - 76Aaron Samuel126
Thu 11-Jul-19Tom Silverlock111 - 22Abby Ward155
Mon 15-Jul-19Tom Silverlock97 - 58Amy McClemont153
Tue 16-Jul-19James Haughton118 - 41Patrick Coombes158
Wed 17-Jul-19James Haughton103 - 50Darren Rampton120
Thu 18-Jul-19James Haughton133 - 31Sonia Elston156
Fri 19-Jul-19James Haughton125 - 20Ryan Williams144
Mon 22-Jul-19James Haughton134 - 30Iain Sime150
Tue 23-Jul-19James Haughton114 - 30Rob Payne143
Wed 24-Jul-19James Haughton118 - 51Katrina Bond133

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