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Series 80

Recappers for this series: James Robinson.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Wed 23-Jan-19Brendan Whitehurst104 - 62Linda Nowotarski127
Thu 24-Jan-19Brendan Whitehurst107 - 52Laurence Dunkling137
Fri 25-Jan-19Brendan Whitehurst112 - 62Charlotte Aldworth125
Mon 28-Jan-19Brendan Whitehurst96 - 44Vittorio Angelone126
Tue 29-Jan-19Tomack Gilmore57 - 98Adam Davidson132
Wed 30-Jan-19Adam Davidson69 - 74Olwen Evans124
Thu 31-Jan-19Olwen Evans68 - 80Jimmy Page125
Fri 1-Feb-19Jimmy Page78 - 109Kerry Copland122
Mon 4-Feb-19Kerry Copland78 - 64Josh Jefferis137
Tue 5-Feb-19Kerry Copland69 - 60Ian Fraser135
Wed 6-Feb-19Kerry Copland82 - 72George Needham136
Thu 7-Feb-19Kerry Copland84 - 46Nick Seymour123
Fri 8-Feb-19Kerry Copland72 - 74Misba Sheikh146
Mon 11-Feb-19Misba Sheikh88 - 83Caroline Birch123
Tue 12-Feb-19Misba Sheikh81 - 61Elaine Hunt154
Wed 13-Feb-19Misba Sheikh85 - 51Andrew Dandilly134
Thu 14-Feb-19Misba Sheikh56 - 93Dorcas Brown124
Fri 15-Feb-19Dorcas Brown77 - 44Arun Mathur120
Mon 18-Feb-19Dorcas Brown92 - 83Jon Pople131
Tue 19-Feb-19Dorcas Brown71 - 40Zak Saidani132
Wed 20-Feb-19Dorcas Brown58 - 77David Ellis127
Thu 21-Feb-19David Ellis83 - 41Angela Stewart136
Fri 22-Feb-19David Ellis23 - 117Dinos Sfyris135
Mon 25-Feb-19Dinos Sfyris92 - 25Martin Rose132
Tue 26-Feb-19Dinos Sfyris130 - 44Dennis Miller133
Wed 27-Feb-19Dinos Sfyris137 - 75Jamie Barron142
Thu 28-Feb-19Dinos Sfyris98 - 56Jake Pacifico143
Fri 1-Mar-19Dinos Sfyris120 - 39Darren Smith124
Mon 4-Mar-19Dinos Sfyris119 - 18Pauline Collard147
Tue 5-Mar-19Dinos Sfyris105 - 32Joe Harrington135
Wed 6-Mar-19Chris Krelle67 - 86John Ashcroft121
Thu 7-Mar-19John Ashcroft71 - 73Maggie Barlow130
Fri 8-Mar-19Maggie Barlow103 - 45Julia Wilkinson134
Mon 11-Mar-19Maggie Barlow97 - 50Daniel Corcoran123
Tue 12-Mar-19Maggie Barlow106 - 51Derek Harvey119
Wed 13-Mar-19Maggie Barlow109 - 63Wesley McCartney140
Thu 14-Mar-19Maggie Barlow102 - 47Gerry Buckley131
Fri 15-Mar-19Maggie Barlow101 - 60Stefan Williams125
Mon 18-Mar-19Maggie Barlow103 - 13Craig Stevenson124
Tue 19-Mar-19Joe Brown59 - 76Jane Basford124
Wed 20-Mar-19Jane Basford80 - 72Mike Fuller117
Thu 21-Mar-19Jane Basford34 - 96Steven Turnbull125
Fri 22-Mar-19Steven Turnbull71 - 65Alistair Thomas131
Mon 25-Mar-19Steven Turnbull64 - 47Alison Guirey132
Tue 26-Mar-19Steven Turnbull77 - 36David Elliott124

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