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Series 78

Recappers for this series: James Robinson, Sean Fletcher.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Tue 2-Jan-18Roger Springthorpe33 - 91Jacob Coventry-Peters133
Wed 3-Jan-18Jacob Coventry-Peters84 - 74Shelagh Addis123
Thu 4-Jan-18Jacob Coventry-Peters70 - 29Anthony McLaughlin118
Fri 5-Jan-18Jacob Coventry-Peters98 - 26Wendy Almond135
Mon 15-Jan-18Jacob Coventry-Peters81 - 87Mary Bainbridge123
Tue 16-Jan-18Mary Bainbridge87 - 77Glen Burke123
Wed 17-Jan-18Mary Bainbridge91 - 53Graeme Dryburgh-Cook125
Thu 18-Jan-18Mary Bainbridge83 - 49Amit Amin135
Fri 19-Jan-18Mary Bainbridge71 - 90Chris Thorn175

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