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Series 77

Recappers for this series: James Robinson.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 3-Jul-17Tom Chafer-Cook118 - 37Carmel O'Brien134
Tue 4-Jul-17Tom Chafer-Cook129 - 21Nick Knight134
Wed 5-Jul-17Tom Chafer-Cook110 - 55Rob Spereall132
Thu 6-Jul-17Tom Chafer-Cook107 - 51Al Harris133
Fri 7-Jul-17Tom Chafer-Cook91 - 73Martin Smith123
Mon 10-Jul-17Tom Chafer-Cook98 - 17Barry Taylor130
Tue 11-Jul-17Luke Parker34 - 75Laura Marsh135
Wed 12-Jul-17Laura Marsh59 - 88Shabir Alidina136
Thu 13-Jul-17Shabir Alidina67 - 58Adam Pope143
Mon 17-Jul-17Shabir Alidina79 - 42Roberta Johnstone136
Tue 18-Jul-17Shabir Alidina77 - 55Martin Davidson126
Wed 19-Jul-17Shabir Alidina53 - 128John Cowen136
Thu 20-Jul-17John Cowen106 - 24Tom Blessington129
Fri 21-Jul-17John Cowen79 - 38Raf Seneviratne136
Mon 24-Jul-17John Cowen97 - 74Andrew Alden125
Tue 25-Jul-17John Cowen103 - 77David Marsh141
Wed 26-Jul-17John Cowen104 - 35Pete Hall121
Thu 27-Jul-17John Cowen88 - 64Sue Wishart133
Fri 28-Jul-17John Cowen94 - 46Vivek Mathews121
Mon 31-Jul-17Michael Pfeffer93 - 81Paul Ellis132
Tue 1-Aug-17Michael Pfeffer95 - 67Gordon Burgess122
Wed 2-Aug-17Michael Pfeffer105 - 71Jonny Currie125
Thu 3-Aug-17Michael Pfeffer119 - 81Jack Anscomb141
Fri 4-Aug-17Michael Pfeffer99 - 65Emma Higginbotham142
Mon 7-Aug-17Michael Pfeffer92 - 51Tyron King156
Tue 8-Aug-17Michael Pfeffer102 - 48Brian Kitson137
Wed 9-Aug-17Michael Pfeffer65 - 50David Whitby141
Thu 10-Aug-17Patrick Hopkins82 - 46Jonathon Bizzell132
Fri 11-Aug-17Patrick Hopkins70 - 100Sarah Capperauld134
Mon 14-Aug-17Sarah Capperaud78 - 45Randy D'Cruz141
Mon 14-Aug-17Sarah Capperauld78 - 45Randy D'Cruz141
Tue 15-Aug-17Sarah Capperauld30 - 83Noel McIlvenny134
Wed 16-Aug-17Noel McIlvenny100 - 53Andrew Smithies155
Thu 17-Aug-17Noel McIlvenny96 - 21Chris Feetenby134
Fri 18-Aug-17Noel McIlvenny109 - 54Paul Collins132
Mon 21-Aug-17Noel McIlvenny100 - 61Mike Browning144
Tue 22-Aug-17Noel McIlvenny93 - 16Ben Parker140
Wed 23-Aug-17Noel McIlvenny120 - 36Neil Harvey146
Thu 24-Aug-17Noel McIlvenny92 - 44Gary Shacklady127
Mon 28-Aug-17Laurence Jeffrey73 - 100David McGaw135
Tue 29-Aug-17David McGaw86 - 66Ravi Shinhmar133
Wed 30-Aug-17David McGaw101 - 67Gabriel Odia120
Thu 31-Aug-17David McGaw70 - 76Nikki Saarsteiner130
Fri 1-Sep-17Nikki Saarsteiner73 - 48Andrew Booth123
Mon 4-Sep-17Nikki Saarsteiner86 - 44Terry Whittaker122
Tue 5-Sep-17Nikki Saarsteiner82 - 70Mike Barnett124
Wed 6-Sep-17Nikki Saarsteiner75 - 78Steve Anderson121
Thu 7-Sep-17Steve Anderson54 - 94Sarah Holey135
Fri 8-Sep-17Sarah Holey119 - 45Mandy Walker147
Mon 11-Sep-17Sarah Holey95 - 79Tony Enright125
Tue 12-Sep-17Sarah Holey72 - 105Ben Leyburn145
Wed 13-Sep-17Ben Leyburn114 - 69Danielle Beswick146
Thu 14-Sep-17Ben Leyburn76 - 68Ray Waddington132
Fri 15-Sep-17Ben Leyburn88 - 85Paul Conchie135
Mon 18-Sep-17Ben Leyburn87 - 36Martin Osborne125
Tue 19-Sep-17Ben Leyburn88 - 103Phil Peel138
Wed 20-Sep-17Phil Peel96 - 56Joe Ellis146
Thu 21-Sep-17Phil Peel83 - 47Jordan Hale125
Fri 22-Sep-17Phil Peel67 - 61Norman Woodcock144
Mon 25-Sep-17Phil Peel97 - 26Nick Bryant-Nichols155
Tue 26-Sep-17Phil Peel107 - 58Ben Humphrey134
Wed 27-Sep-17Phil Peel56 - 118Eoin Jackson122
Thu 28-Sep-17Eoin Jackson74 - 59Simon Pryor123
Fri 29-Sep-17Eoin Jackson92 - 82Martin Hunter144

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