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Series 75

Recappers for this series: Anthony Endsor, James Robinson, Sean Fletcher.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 27-Jun-16Norm Ahmad93 - 95Andrew Fenton124
Tue 28-Jun-16Andrew Fenton93 - 54Stephen Wintle134
Wed 29-Jun-16Andrew Fenton95 - 48Chris Worthing126
Thu 30-Jun-16Andrew Fenton71 - 62Rhys Danino125
Fri 1-Jul-16Andrew Fenton79 - 54Michael Hawkins132
Mon 4-Jul-16Andrew Fenton101 - 77Matt Whelan120
Tue 5-Jul-16Andrew Fenton112 - 58Ken Irvin141
Wed 6-Jul-16Andrew Fenton82 - 53Pádraig Ryan123
Mon 11-Jul-16Steve Broad72 - 102Rachel Sheridan135
Tue 12-Jul-16Rachel Sheridan77 - 79Stephen Fuller124
Wed 13-Jul-16Stephen Fuller84 - 66Jonny Guy132
Thu 14-Jul-16Stephen Fuller74 - 40Philippa Craven126
Fri 15-Jul-16Stephen Fuller83 - 63Andrew Cripps143
Mon 18-Jul-16Stephen Fuller82 - 63Dave Hussey-Yeo127
Tue 19-Jul-16Stephen Fuller78 - 71Mark Lawrence127
Wed 20-Jul-16Stephen Fuller27 - 106Aidan Linge154
Thu 21-Jul-16Aidan Linge91 - 65Ciarán Duffy134
Fri 22-Jul-16Aidan Linge105 - 38Lauren Wark126
Mon 25-Jul-16Aidan Linge92 - 102Chris Leaney125
Mon 1-Aug-16Aidan Linge79 - 115Stephen Bloom123
Mon 1-Aug-16Chris Leaney79 - 115Stephen Bloom123
Tue 2-Aug-16Stephen Bloom84 - 83Andrew McGill120
Wed 3-Aug-16Stephen Bloom73 - 80Cammy Lovatt121
Thu 4-Aug-16Cammy Lovatt94 - 89Robin Bott145
Fri 5-Aug-16Cammy Lovatt73 - 97Annie Humphries135
Mon 8-Aug-16Annie Humphries100 - 70Zak Brown125
Tue 9-Aug-16Annie Humphries94 - 61Malcolm Potter135
Wed 10-Aug-16Annie Humphries108 - 16Paul Emmett126
Thu 11-Aug-16Annie Humphries87 - 52Roy Davies121
Fri 12-Aug-16Annie Humphries93 - 82Jane Ashton155
Mon 15-Aug-16Annie Humphries103 - 32Danny Cariello135
Tue 16-Aug-16Annie Humphries93 - 45Ben Gallivan126
Mon 22-Aug-16Graham Stanley78 - 84Nick Meredith126
Tue 23-Aug-16Nick Meredith71 - 84Natalie Matale127
Wed 24-Aug-16Natalie Matale65 - 51John McDonald125
Thu 25-Aug-16Natalie Matale54 - 102Martin Hurst137
Fri 26-Aug-16Martin Hurst95 - 80Alan Gillies144
Mon 29-Aug-16Martin Hurst111 - 7Arnold Solomon127
Tue 30-Aug-16Martin Hurst130 - 36Tom Law156
Wed 31-Aug-16Martin Hurst83 - 73Simon Cookson110
Thu 1-Sep-16Martin Hurst107 - 59Yvonne Endacott125
Fri 2-Sep-16Martin Hurst98 - 48Damon Wingfield123
Mon 5-Sep-16Martin Hurst104 - 48Owen Polley147
Tue 6-Sep-16Jamie Washington110 - 52Robert Dwyer143
Wed 7-Sep-16Jamie Washington91 - 73Kate Strang136
Mon 19-Sep-16Jamie Washington113 - 76Gareth Bann132
Tue 20-Sep-16Jamie Washington104 - 70Paul King136
Wed 21-Sep-16Jamie Washington93 - 45Steve Griffin142
Thu 22-Sep-16Jamie Washington104 - 75Tim Martin124
Mon 26-Sep-16Jamie Washington101 - 77Philip Hannan123
Tue 27-Sep-16Jamie Washington109 - 58Gary McEnaney134
Wed 28-Sep-16Andy Barnaby66 - 81Chris Sinclair133
Thu 29-Sep-16Chris Sinclair102 - 92Mark Gourley122
Fri 30-Sep-16Chris Sinclair73 - 100Lucy Westwood143
Mon 3-Oct-16Lucy Westwood62 - 109Ikenna Oguguo134
Tue 4-Oct-16Ikenna Oguguo53 - 101Jamie Smith129
Wed 5-Oct-16Jamie Smith94 - 34Tim McIlroy142
Thu 6-Oct-16Jamie Smith100 - 81Anna Hepburn-Job137

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