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Worst Winners

SeriesDateContestant 1ScoreContestant 2Maximum
63Tue 12-Oct-10Michael Chadwick44 - 47Andrew Greenway131
52Fri 2-Jul-04Angela Jones52 - 50Steve Dawes140
60Thu 21-May-09Mabel Weston51 - 47Gary Beaty131
55Tue 4-Jul-06Phil Watson56 - 55Barry Grice142
58Fri 23-May-08Barbara Cleggett52 - 61Lee Bailey151
49Mon 9-Jun-03Claire Cohan45 - 59Bob Wright137
57Wed 14-Nov-07Martin Sears61 - 60Rick Dady140
49Thu 29-May-03Dave Walters56 - 54Ruth Bowes128
59Wed 16-Jul-08Peter Young53 - 58Bev Jones132
65Thu 25-Aug-11Dave Taylor61 - 51Leo Croker138
61Thu 29-Oct-09John Dyer60 - 45Tim Curtis132
56Tue 17-Apr-07Pam Smith70 - 67Michael Batty154
53Tue 31-May-05Anthony Endsor65 - 66Amy McMaster144
53Fri 11-Mar-05Sue Drinkwater62 - 54Neil Kelly134
65Mon 19-Sep-11Peter Metcalfe65 - 63Julie Harrington140
65Mon 31-Oct-11David Butcher60 - 50Dawn Turner129
67Tue 9-Oct-12Tia Corkish63 - 52Paul Smith135
54Mon 14-Nov-05Daniel Peake62 - 48Audrey Nicholson131
66Tue 15-May-12Craig Lingard39 - 56George Hills118
66Fri 20-Apr-12Matt Heal66 - 67Monica Sutcliffe141
62Fri 9-Apr-10Peter Zyss55 - 38Andrew Pullan115
65Wed 5-Oct-11Chris Moore52 - 66Wayne Chadwick138
61Wed 21-Oct-09Brian Selway63 - 58Cherry Barnett131
67Mon 1-Oct-12Adam Flinn64 - 59Rick Fear132
63Fri 3-Dec-10Denise Smith54 - 46Adam Bevan111

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