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Lowest Possible Score

SeriesDateContestant 1ScoreContestant 2Maximum
56Wed 11-Apr-07Robin Scott81 - 54Kim Green105
CoC11Fri 24-Jan-03Chris Wills73 - 79Graham Nash106
61Tue 25-Aug-09Paul Varlaam67 - 95Ed Rossiter107
51Tue 11-May-04Sweyn Kirkness92 - 52Sue Clifford110
57Fri 2-Nov-07Chris Wills58 - 69Conor Travers110
63Fri 25-Jun-10Chris Longden80 - 82Annie Hawes110
47Wed 5-Jun-02John Mitchell92 - 83Steve Gamble111
49Wed 26-Feb-03John Clarke80 - 63Norma Gill111
50Wed 17-Dec-03Adam Laws59 - 97Chris Cummins111
51Wed 11-Feb-04Richard Pay90 - 69Kirk Bevins111
54Thu 19-Jan-06Keith Maynard86 - 53Tony Amos111
59Fri 12-Sep-08Mike Lambert65 - 89Suzanne Perkins111
63Fri 3-Dec-10Denise Smith54 - 46Adam Bevan111
64Fri 28-Jan-11Jody Sparrow96 - 42Paolo Barone111
51Fri 18-Jun-04Sweyn Kirkness64 - 78Steve Graston112
57Thu 5-Jul-07Kath Lambert56 - 78John Allen112
58Wed 23-Jan-08Marjorie Hillman100 - 46David Reed112
58Fri 30-May-08Jonathan Coles89 - 72Simon Jackson112
59Mon 30-Jun-08Lee Simmonds61 - 71Neil Mackenzie112
59Fri 17-Oct-08Charlie Reams92 - 54David Wylie112
CoC13Wed 14-Jan-09Jon Corby92 - 52Richard Brittain112
62Wed 20-Jan-10Oliver Garner91 - 67Daphne Lord112
62Wed 21-Apr-10Claudia Tyson53 - 60Chris Jones112
53Fri 13-May-05John Brackstone81 - 48Richard Ellis113
54Mon 22-May-06Michael Bowden69 - 88Matthew Shore113

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