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Lowest Joint Score

SeriesDateContestant 1ScoreContestant 2Maximum
66Tue 5-Jun-12Ben Nicholson59 - 27Alex Rayment118
63Tue 12-Oct-10Michael Chadwick44 - 47Andrew Greenway131
62Fri 9-Apr-10Peter Zyss55 - 38Andrew Pullan115
66Tue 15-May-12Craig Lingard39 - 56George Hills118
57Wed 10-Oct-07John Scott59 - 39Andrew Bowling118
60Thu 21-May-09Mabel Weston51 - 47Gary Beaty131
55Fri 27-Oct-06Maurice Brown60 - 39Kevin Olding118
63Fri 3-Dec-10Denise Smith54 - 46Adam Bevan111
52Fri 2-Jul-04Angela Jones52 - 50Steve Dawes140
59Fri 4-Jul-08Neil Mackenzie63 - 39Chris Morgan119
56Tue 1-May-07Aaron Webber75 - 28David Butler127
66Thu 7-Jun-12Ben Nicholson59 - 44Colin Matty118
49Mon 9-Jun-03Claire Cohan45 - 59Bob Wright137
64Tue 5-Apr-11Andrew McNamara74 - 30Gary Sprake119
53Thu 31-Mar-05Jillian Tidman39 - 66Steve Smith128
61Thu 29-Oct-09John Dyer60 - 45Tim Curtis132
49Wed 19-Feb-03John Marlowe88 - 18Judy Smedley129
54Tue 18-Apr-06Tony Downing66 - 40Pat Ridley122
63Mon 27-Sep-10Conor McCaughey45 - 61Heather Driver118
59Thu 17-Jul-08Bev Jones30 - 77Chris Davies118
54Sat 7-Jan-06Christine Armstrong83 - 25Jean Garrod132
65Wed 30-Nov-11Phyllis Styles61 - 47Mark Robinson119
67Thu 15-Nov-12Heather Styles88 - 20Stuart Gillespie120
68Wed 6-Mar-13Philip Jarvis84 - 24Anthony Josephson118
56Thu 10-May-07Nick Wainwright76 - 33David Senior122

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