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Highest Possible Score

SeriesDateContestant 1ScoreContestant 2Maximum
54Wed 9-Nov-05Maureen Sye75 - 90Stuart Coxshall173
50Tue 28-Oct-03Eamonn Timmins70 - 105Stuart Solomons164
60Thu 18-Jun-09Hamish Williamson58 - 88Jimmy Gough164
46Thu 15-Nov-01Leon Pugh84 - 75Cathy Wright161
53Thu 20-Jan-05Brian Roles78 - 52Bob Stone160
48Wed 18-Dec-02Danny Hamilton77 - 146Julian Fell158
57Mon 9-Jul-07Alan Gray111 - 40Philip Knowles155
61Thu 9-Jul-09Michael Harris101 - 133Andrew Hulme155
46Thu 18-Oct-01Simon Cartwright81 - 100Stefan Gatward154
50Mon 6-Oct-03Philip Whitnall93 - 61David Burke154
53Mon 16-May-05John Brackstone103 - 68Mark Leopold154
55Fri 15-Dec-06Andrew Blades52 - 96Richard Brittain154
56Tue 17-Apr-07Pam Smith70 - 67Michael Batty154
63Wed 1-Sep-10Peter Godwin102 - 38Mick Egan154
46Thu 27-Sep-01Ian McMenzie106 - 70Fergus Murray153
47Mon 14-Jan-02Jeremy Slaney66 - 107Chris Wills153
48Mon 1-Jul-02Julia Wilkinson122 - 62John Baker153
50Wed 10-Dec-03Steve Graston105 - 20Robin Barnett153
51Wed 21-Jan-04Evelyn Schofield91 - 64John Delaney153
51Mon 17-May-04Chris White93 - 104Laura Taylor153
53Fri 11-Feb-05Frank Mulvey133 - 86Kevin Warner153
58Fri 8-Feb-08Nicola Sullings60 - 88Tim Reypert153
58Tue 20-May-08Carl Dundas76 - 65Nick Horton153
46Wed 7-Nov-01Ben Wilson102 - 49Jeanette Littlejohn152
47Mon 21-Jan-02Chris Wills120 - 107Terry Rattle152

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